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Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Please note:

  • The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is currently accepting new members.

About Us

Sheriff's Mounted Posse

The Sheriff's Mounted Posse provides assistance in search and rescue operations where searching on foot or vehicle is impractical, or in some cases impossible.

Posse members assist in the community for various functions such as:

  • Patrolling local rodeos
  • Parade participation
  • Providing a presence for the Sheriff’s Office during the summer months in County Parks and bike trails
  • Assist in searches as requested by the Sheriff

Although posse members are not law enforcement and do not enforce laws, they do receive training provoided by the Sheriff's Office concerning the various duties they may be assigned.

Membership is comprised of both male and female volunteers, and posse members utilize their own horses to assist the Sheriff’s Office. A well kept arena is maintained by posse members for training and events that is also utilized by various equine groups during the year.

The posse focuses on 4-H groups with a priority given to aid at-risk teens. The posse also participates in the Yuba-Sutter Junior Livestock Auction, Future Farmers of America, and occasionally sponsors children that are involved in the Junior Rodeo Circuit.

In case of a call-out, posse members are required to have ready access to a horse trailer and a well mannered and orderly horse. The animal shall not be less than fourteen (14) hands, two (2) inches in height and shall be used at all functions of the posse when required.

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How to Volunteer

If becoming a member of the Sheriff’s Posse is of interest to you, please contact Posse Liaison Lieutenant Matt Maples at (530) 822-7307.