Effective 6/19/2020, the following services are now being made available for "in person" contact at the Sheriff's Office:

  • All civil processes, except evictions and real property levies.
  • Report requests for the public are available via phone or at the records counter.
  • All CCW- initials requests, renewals and modifications will be online through Permitium, available on the Sheriff's Webpage.
    • CCW applicants will be contacted to schedule "in person" appointments.
    • Renewals/modifications will be processed and contacted with a time to pick up CCW.
  • Vehicle release requests will be handled at the records counter, as needed.
  • Registrants- these will be handled by "walk in" or by phone interview.
  • Live scan services are available to the public by appointment only. Services will be scheduled in one hour time slots to allow for proper cleaning procedures. Appointments to the general public are available on Tuesdays from 8-11AM and on Thursdays 1-4PM
  • In Person visiting is suspended once again at the Sutter County Jail in compliance with recommendations from the Board of State and Community Corrections. The public will be updated of additional changes as information becomes available.

Jail Operations

Sutter County Jail
Sutter County Jail

In accordance with California Government Code 26605, Notwithstanding any other provision of law, except in counties in which the sheriff, as of July 1, 1993, is not in charge of and the sole and exclusive authority to keep the county jail and the prisoners in it, the sheriff shall take charge of and be the sole and exclusive authority to keep the county jail and the prisoners in it, except for work furlough facilities where by county ordinance the work furlough administrator is someone other than the sheriff.

All jail operations are governed by Title 15, "Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities." Local detention facilities, or county jails, are divided into IV facilities types:

"Type I facility" means a local detention facility used for the detention of persons for not more than 96 hours excluding holidays after booking. Such a Type I facility may also detain persons on court order either for their own safekeeping or sentenced to a city jail as an inmate worker, and may house inmate workers sentenced to the county jail provided such placement in the facility is made on a voluntary basis on the part of the inmate. As used in this section, an inmate worker is defined as a person assigned to perform designated tasks outside of his/her cell or dormitory, pursuant to the written policy of the facility, for a minimum of four hours each day on a five day scheduled work week.

"Type II facility" means a local detention facility used for the detention of persons pending arraignment, during trial, and upon a sentence of commitment.

"Type III facility" means a local detention facility used only for the detention of convicted and sentenced persons.

"Type IV facility" means a local detention facility or portion thereof designated for the housing of inmates eligible under Penal Code Section 1208 for work/education furlough and/or other programs involving inmate access into the community.

The Sutter County Jail is rated as a Type IV Facility which encompasses all four types described above. Persons can be sentenced to the Sutter County Jail for many years after the passage of AB109 in October 2011. Currently Sutter County has 352 rated beds, 194 beds in the main jail and 158 beds in the medium facility. Our once minimum facility has been transformed and made into a medium facility, in that it houses non-violent offenders specifically. Many of the inmates in this facility are used as workers within the jail performing work in the kitchen, laundry and any other work details as needed. Inmates if qualified for our outside work release program are released from the jail to work at Sutter County Animal Control, Public Works and Yuba/Sutter Mental Health. All inmates are classified and housed within the jail in accordance with their gender, sophistication of their crime, gang affiliation and the need for protective custody.

The Sutter County Jail was approved for a State Building Grant, which is paying 90% of a new construction project for the expansion of the Sutter County Jail. This project will add forty-two additional inmate beds, twenty-eight male and fourteen female. This project also will build a new medical space, which will have two exam rooms, a negative pressure cell, an additional safety cell and a holding cell. The Kitchen will also expand to include a larger freezer, storage room, new office for the Kitchen Supervisor and a new restroom for the inmates. This project is currently on going and scheduled to be completed in January 2019.

While in custody the sheriff is responsible for the care, custody and control of the inmates, which includes all necessary medical treatment, proper diet in accordance with strict dietary guidelines, proper classification to ensure their physical safety and effective security to prevent escape. This is a full time responsibility and is accomplished with the professional staff of one Captain, one Lieutenant, four correctional Sergeants and forty seven correctional officers working diligently to fulfill the mission.

The sheriff is also responsible for security within the Sutter Superior Court. This is accomplished with the professional staff consisting of one Sergeant, seven Bailiffs and one Deputy Sheriff who is stationed at the entrance door. Their mission is the safety of the Judges, court staff, general court room safety and the security of the inmates within the court system.

The sheriff also oversees an Alternative Sentencing Program, which includes; Outside Work Release, Electronic Monitoring and Home Detention. The Outside Work Release Program allows inmates who are non-violent, non-serious and non-sex offenders sentenced for minor violations the opportunity to serve their sentence working in the Sutter County Community providing community service. The Electronic Monitoring Program allows those same types of inmates the ability to serve their sentence providing community service or to maintain their current employment status. The Home Detention Program is used to allow those persons with serious medical conditions the ability to stay home, continue their care using their physician.

Sheriff Parker and his staff are continuously look for new and innovative methods for effectively using your tax dollars while ensuring public safety by maintaining the care, custody and control of inmates sentenced to the Sutter County Jail.

Jail Statistics

2017 Jail Statistics - January through July
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Avg. Daily Population 243 169 244 269 282 279 286
Meal Cost $1.88 $1.93 $1.30 $1.50 $1.43 $1.99 $1.00
Total Meals 22,608 13,170 22,713 24,243 26,193 25,077 26,580
Total Bookings 364 291 396 369 404 402 383
Trusties Out 273 117 233 244 289 293 269
Work Furlough 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ground Miles 2,737 6,806 4,152 2,631 4,508 3,058 2,883
Court Hours 154 105 153 165.5 184 199 199
Prison Run 16 8 6 16 20 11 13
Inmates To Court 230 162 162 275 305 288 278
Inmates To Medical 15 8 8 21 4 10 14
Work Release Inmates 38 38 35 22 29 31 18
Work Release Hours 1,632 1,520 2,323 800 1,344 1,280 608
Home Detention Inmates 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Home Detention Days 0 28 0 0 0 0 0

2017 Jail Statistics - August through December
  Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec AVG
Avg. Daily Population 283 273 259 259 252 258
Meal Cost $1.68 $0.96 $1.72 $1.81 $1.18 $1.53
Total Meals 26,304 24,600 24,066 23,295 23,406 23,521
Total Bookings 414 390 402 377 373 380
Trusties Out 277 268 292 254 220 252
Work Furlough 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ground Miles 3,421 2,614 2,904 2,129 6,438 3,690
Court Hours 166 230 174 130.5 152 168
Prison Run 19 9 10 13 5 12
Inmates To Court 293 252 249 129 212 236
Inmates To Medical 6 13 7 6 8 10
Work Release Inmates 35 34 28 29 13 29
Work Release Hours 1,592 1,352 1,168 760 512 1,241
Home Detention Inmates 0 0 0 0 0 0
Home Detention Days 0 0 0 0 0 2