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2018 Officer of the Year

Deputy Lopez

2018 Officer of the Year Deputy Lopez
Deputy Lopez
I am pleased to announce that Deputy John Lopez has been selected as the 2018 Officer of the Year for the Sutter County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Lopez's award is predicated on events that occurred in 2017.

In the early morning hours of May 20th Deputy Lopez along with CHP and Sutter Fire were dispatched to the report of a traffic accident in the area of Clements Road north of Lincoln Road in Yuba City. Upon arrival law enforcement personnel contacted a male adult who was wet and not wearing shoes. The male adult denied any knowledge of being involved with a vehicle accident. Law enforcement personnel were able to locate a vehicle in a canal that was submerged and upside down in the water. Law enforcement personnel were able to use a Sutter County Fire vehicle, equipped with a winch, to pull the vehicle partially to its side. A single female occupant was located and pulled from the submerged vehicle and taken to the bank of the canal. Deputy Lopez acted quickly and used his training to assess the victim, who was unconscious and had no pulse. He then was able to start and maintain CPR until Bi-County Ambulance Service personnel and Sutter County Fire personnel were able to take over and transport the victim to the hospital, where the victim ultimately made a full recovery due to the heroic and quick actions of all involved.

In addition, Deputy Lopez has been recognized for his efforts in auto theft suppression and in this year alone, has apprehended six "rolling 10851's", that is, six stolen vehicles with the thief still behind the wheel of the car.

The Sheriff's Office congratulates Deputy John Lopez as the 2018 Officer of the Year.

J. Paul Parker