To protect the health and safety of our community and staff, many Sutter County offices will be closed to the public starting March 20, 2020 until further notice.

What to Do as a Victim of Identity Theft

  • Keep a log of all contacts. Get names, dates and times.
  • Call the fraud units of the three credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Request an alert be placed on your record and ascertain the expiration of the alert. Also request a victims statement be placed on your account.
  • Contact all creditors, by phone and in writing, where fraudulent use has occurred.
  • Carefully review incoming statements for fraudulent use.
  • Report the crime to the local police having jurisdiction over the crime and provide as much documentation as possible.
  • Check with your bank in the event your checks were stolen. Look for fraudulent use or fraudulent accounts that you did not open.
  • Notify your utilities companies and ascertain if any new accounts have been opened in your name.
  • In the event your drivers license or identification were stolen, go to DMV and request a new number. (restrictions apply)
  • If your social security number is being used, call the social security administration and inquire into getting a new SSN issued. (restrictions apply)
  • If you suspect your mail is being stolen, call the post office and inquire if a change of address has been filed.
  • Be prepared to back up everything in writing and by notarizing documents