To protect the health and safety of our community and staff, many Sutter County offices will be closed to the public starting March 20, 2020 until further notice.

Telecommunicator's Prayer

I talk to frantic people,
Try to get the facts you need,
So you will be ever prepared,
to face the horrible deed.
I send you out to fight the drunk,
I pray he has no gun,
Dear God, Please help me hear him well,
and see us through this run.

And when my day is over,
I pray before I sleep,
Dear God, Please keep my officers safe,
Supply just what they need.
Help me always manage,
to be patient, kind and calm.
I know that there are many times,
they feel so all alone.

Help me do the best I can,
get them safely through the day,
And somehow let them know, Dear Lord,
You Will lead our way.

Show them Lord, the voice they take,
everywhere they go,
wants to do the best they can,
and that I am not their foe.
Teach us Lord, that with your help,
We CAN all survive,
And do our jobs with grace and ease,
Together, with great pride.

May all of those who wear a uniform
and who protect us everyday,
come home to the ones they Love,
just like they left that day.

-Author Unknown