Effective 6/19/2020, the following services are now being made available for "in person" contact at the Sheriff's Office:

  • All civil processes, except evictions and real property levies.
  • Report requests for the public are available via phone or at the records counter.
  • All CCW- initials requests, renewals and modifications will be online through Permitium, available on the Sheriff's Webpage.
    • CCW applicants will be contacted to schedule "in person" appointments.
    • Renewals/modifications will be processed and contacted with a time to pick up CCW.
  • Vehicle release requests will be handled at the records counter, as needed.
  • Registrants- these will be handled by "walk in" or by phone interview.
  • Live scan services are available to the public by appointment only. Services will be scheduled in one hour time slots to allow for proper cleaning procedures. Appointments to the general public are available on Tuesdays from 8-11AM and on Thursdays 1-4PM
  • In Person visiting is suspended once again at the Sutter County Jail in compliance with recommendations from the Board of State and Community Corrections. The public will be updated of additional changes as information becomes available.

Fee Schedule for Services

Sheriff’s Office fees per Government Code

Service Fee ($)
Summons, Small Claims, Order to Appear, Order to Show Cause, Miscellaneous Papers 40.00
Summons and Complaint 40.00
Summons and Petition 40.00
Summons and Complaint Unlawful Detainer 40.00
8-Hour Keeper-Levy on Business 240.00
Levy and Sale of Vehicle Call for a quote of costs
Levy and Sale of a Place of Business Call for a quote of costs
Levy on Personal Property (Claim and Delivery) Call for a quote of costs
Till Tap 100.00
Earnings Withholding Order (wage levy) 35.00
Affidavit of Identity 40.00
Evictions (writ of possession) 145.00
Eviction-repost 40.00
Bank Levy 40.00

** The Sheriff is entitled to fees whether or not the service is complete. We cannot guarantee that our service will always be successful (CA Govt. Code 26736 & 26738). All fees will be paid prior to performing any service (CA Govt. Code 6103.2).

Additional Charges

Pursuant to Government Code Section 26748 we will collect for additional costs if the service of your process requires, in our judgment, additional personnel beyond the norms listed below. In some circumstances we may determine that vehicle mileage or other components of the service are extraordinary and will therefore advise you of these costs.

Section 26746 of the Government Code (AB1109, Chapter 1330) provides for a $10.00 assessment to be collected from the judgment debtor on each disbursement of money (paid to a judgment creditor) collected under a Writ of Attachment, Execution, Possession, or Sale; excluding all child support obligation action by the District Attorney's Office.


There is no mailing list for auctions. The sale notices are posted in our office, on the bulletin board. Real property sales are also published in the local paper.

To bid on personal property at a Sheriff's Sale, including vehicle levies, you will need $2500.00 or 10% of the bid, whichever is greater. For real property you will need $5000.00 or 10% of the bid, whichever is greater. If you are bidding less than $2500.00 on personal property or $5000.00 on real property we will need the full amount. Payment must be made immediately upon the acceptance of the bid and must be paid with either cash cashier's check made payable to Sutter County Sheriff. We cannot accept personal or business checks. If you pay the 10% deposit, you have 10 days to pay the balance, also in cash or with a cashier's check.


After judgment has been rendered by the court, the court will issue you a writ of execution. We require the original writ plus 3 copies of the writ of execution, and a letter of instructions. The letter of instructions must be signed by the attorney of record or plaintiff if there is no attorney. No one else may sign the instructions. A fee of $145.00 is also required. We normally post a 5-day notice to vacate the day after we receive the writ. We will contact you or your agent, to schedule an appointment to meet us at the property for the eviction. Be prepared to provide the officer entry to the premises. Generally, a locksmith, passkey, or other means of accomplishing entry is used. The officer will remove the defendants if they are present and post a restoration notice to the front of the property. After the office has enforced the eviction and returned possession of the property to you, please contact your local law enforcement agency non-emergency phone number to report any violation by the former tenant.

Wage Levies

When a wage levy is served, the employer has 15 days to send us an answer stating whether they are or are not going to honor the levy. Please allow at least 30 days for receipt of your copy. If the creditor does not receive an answer from the employer, the creditor should contact the employer, not the Sheriff. The employer is not to withhold any monies prior to ten days after the levy. After the 10 days have expired, they are to withhold funds from the next pay check and forward them to the Sheriff. It is not unusual for it to take at least 60 days for the creditor to receive the first payment from the Sheriff. The employer is to withhold funds and forward them to the Sheriff until the levy has been satisfied or released. To release a levy we will need a letter from the attorney or plaintiff if there is no attorney or an order from the court. The sheriff's fee is automatically added to the levy.

Bank Levies

Bank levies are valid only for the monies that are in the bank account at the moment the bank receives the levy. The bank will send us an answer, in approximately 10 days, stating the amount of funds, if any, that were withheld. We will send the creditor a copy of that answer. If you do not receive a copy of the answer within approximately 30 days, please contact the bank, not the Sheriff. The Sheriff's fee is automatically added to the levy.

Legal Advice

The Sheriff cannot give out personal or legal advice or answer any questions which are legal in nature. If you have a legal question, please contact an attorney.