Transportation Unit

Transporation Unit vans
Transporation Unit vans

The Sutter County Jail Transportation Unit transports or provides arrangements for transporting all inmates for the Sutter County Jail to and from the Sutter County Courts. Court lists that classify inmates according to sophistication of their crimes are developed daily by the unit.

Inmates are transported safely and securly to and from court two times per day, four to five days a week. The unit is responsible for picking up juveniles from the Bi-County Juvenal Hall for adult court proceedings and transporting them to ward facilities once they are sentenced as adults.

Additionally, the unit prepares prison packets, detainers, parole holds and transport inmates to State Prison. They fulfill court ordered removals and arrange for inmate pick up. They arrange for pickup on warrant abstracts and schedule mental health pick ups and drop offs.

Monthly statistics on jail vehicles and inmates transported to and from court are compiled by the unit. In the year 2017, this unit was responsible for driving jail transportation vehicles 44,281 miles; transporting 2,989 inmates to court, and 146 inmates to State Prison.