Identity of Deceased Male Discovered 11/26/05 Determined

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 3:30 PM

For Immediate Release:

Sutter County Sheriff’s Detectives have been investigating the case of a deceased male discovered in a rice field in the Sutter By-Pass near Obanion Road, and have determined it to be that of a missing Redding, CA. man. The male was reported missing from his residence in Redding on April 30, 2005. The body was discovered in the rice field on November 26, 2005. A broadcast was made to local agencies and to the State Department of Justice, advising of the discovery and requesting assistance in identifying the deceased.

On 01/25/06, a representative from the Redding Police Department contacted Sheriff’s Detectives with possible information regarding the deceased. Redding authorities relayed that a 76 year old Redding man had been reported missing from his residence that backs against the Sacramento River. Characteristics of the deceased matched those of the missing person. The missing man suffered from a variety of health issues and utilized a cane to assist him in walking. A search by Redding authorities discovered the cane in the water near some steps leading to the Sacramento River. All indications are that male entered the Sacramento River for unknown reasons in Redding.

Utilizing the assistance of Forensic Odontologist, Dr. George A. Gould of Sacramento, the dental records of the deceased and that of a missing Redding man were compared and determined to be a match. Based on the dental match and other physical characteristics, the deceased male found in Sutter County was identified as Bernard Arthur Coster, 76, of Redding, Ca. Sheriff’s Detectives notified the next of kin and have released the body for funeral services. Detectives have determined this case to be a coroners case and no additional release is anticipated.

Contact Person and Telephone Number:

Bill Grove, Undersheriff 530-822-7307

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