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Banking and Collections Scams

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:30 AM

For Immediate Release:

The Sutter County Sheriff’s Department has recently received inquiries concerning community members receiving requests for personal bank information or demands for settlement payments from an alleged collection agency. Currently, individuals are sending out email messages to individuals claiming that a particular banking institution is upgrading their account software. The senders are requesting personal bank account information in order to allegedly verify the customer’s accounts.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department has received at least one complaint regarding an attempt by an alleged collection agency to collect monies to settle an outstanding account. High pressure tactics and threat of court action are often involved. The victim is then offered an opportunity to close the action out by paying a reduced settlement fee.

The Sheriff’s Department would like to remind citizens to avoid providing personal bank account information without being able to verify the caller is legitimate. Citizen’s that receive such requests should contact their local banking institution in person to discuss any concerns about the account. In the case of the collection agency scam, citizens are urged to contact the original lender to verify the claim, especially when there is no existing account. Legitimate companies will have fraud units that the person can be referred to once the fraudulent claim is identified.

Contact Person and Telephone Number:

Bill Grove, Undersheriff 530-822-7307

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