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Sutter County Sheriff Office Releases Free Mobile App.

Monday, March 13, 2017 11:15 AM

 For Immediate Release

 March 13, 2017


Releases Free Mobile App to Connect with

Citizens of Sutter County

 The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office has released a free mobile app to connect with citizens of Sutter County through their smartphones and tablets.

 The new app allows Sutter County Sheriff’s Office to quickly disseminate emergency alerts, and post news about missing persons, traffic delays, and weekly crime reports. In the event of an emergency, app users receive instant notification via their mobile devices.

 Citizens can easily send comments and crime tips — anonymously if they wish — and place calls to Sutter County Sheriff’s Office with the touch of a button. They can notify the department about suspicious activity and easily send images such as graffiti through the app.

 Anyone using Android, Windows or Apple platforms can download the app simply by going to the app store and searching for the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office app.

 “The app provides an easy-to-use method for two-way communication between our office and community members. It’s a valuable tool for keeping Sutter County safe.

 The app also allows Sutter County Sheriff’s Office to post photos and images, bulletins, a calendar of events, and even conduct community surveys.

 The app supports the Office’s commitment to engage with the community in a timely manner through all sorts of social media. News that is distributed through the app also can be set to automatically post on the sheriff’s office website ( and distributed to the news media.

 The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office app is not meant to replace calling 911 for crimes and emergencies in progress.  Those experiencing an emergency situation should continue to call 911.

 The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office app was developed under the name USPDhub by LogicTree IT Solutions, Inc. ( of Citrus Heights, CA.




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