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Re-release of Courtney Sconce Homicide Suspect Profile

Friday, March 30, 2001 12:01 AM


(Originally Broadcast 02/28/01)
The Sutter County Sheriff's Department, working in cooperation with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, the California Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have released new information and are seeking the public's help to identify the young man responsible for killing 12 year old Courtney Sconce. Courtney left her Rancho Cordova neighborhood during the mid-afternoon hours of Wednesday, November 8, 2000, and her body was discovered several hours later on a sandy beach near Nicolaus, California.

The investigation into Courtney's murder is on going, and authorities continue to pursue thousands of leads and devote a sizeable portion of their resources to solve this crime. During this extensive investigation, experts have prepared a "profile" of the offender's personality and lifestyle and the profile has been released to the public in hopes someone familiar with the young man will recognize him and contact authorities.

The young man authorities are looking for has access to an automobile. A family member or close friend, however, may own the vehicle.

This young man has a pleasant demeanor and good social skills. It is quite possible that neither his friends, family members nor co-workers have previously considered the possibility he could be responsible for the crime. It is likely he is capable of keeping a secret, and may not have discussed his involvement in this crime with other persons.

Authorities believe that tat the time this crime occurred, this young man had close ties to the Rancho Cordova neighborhood where Courtney lived, most likely because he lived or worked there. He became acquainted with Courtney in the neighborhood, and may have been seen associating with her by other persons. It is quite possible this young man did not disclose his association with Courtney to other persons, because he was aware they would not approve of his interest in a young girl.

Authorities believe the young man may have previously arranged to meet Courtney on the afternoon this crime occurred, and persons close to him may have noticed he was absent for several hours on that day.

Following Courtney's murder, persons close to this young man would have noticed changes in his behavior. These changes may have included a desire to remain indoors more than usual, changing his work schedule or calling in sick, erratic moods, and/or a heightened emotional state, withdrawing from social activities, avoiding use of a vehicle he has been known to use in the past and possibly an attempt to follow the progress of the investigation in the media and/or neighborhood. If questioned regarding his absence on the afternoon of Courtney's murder, he would have offered some sort of explanation, which could not be corroborated.

The young man authorities are seeking has likely used force in the past to resolve personal conflicts. The manner in which this crime was committed demonstrates he is prone to resort to aggressive behavior in order to have his own way and elude capture.

This young man has clearly demonstrated his ability to be dangerous. Authorities believe he will assault other young women and will likely find it easy to kill again. Until he is apprehended, he will pose a threat, not only to young women, but also to friends and family members. Under the right set of circumstances, it is possible this offender could strike out, unpredictably, against someone he knows.

The Sutter County Sheriff's Department, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation understand it may be very difficult for someone who knows this young man to come forward with information, because they may not think he is capable of committing this crime. These law enforcement agencies want each member of the community to know they may be the only person who is in a position to help.

Jim Denney

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