Sutter County Sheriff’s Posse on Lookout for Metal Thieves

Thursday, March 8, 2012 2:30 PM


Sutter County Sheriff J. Paul Parker has advised that starting this weekend (March 10, 2012) members of the Sutter County Sheriff’s Posse will be out on horseback in rural areas of the County, on the lookout for metal thieves. “We have seen a marked uptick in metal thefts, everything from aluminum sprinkler pipe to copper wire stolen from farm irrigation pumps” Parker said. “We want to bring whatever forces to bear on this problem and one way is to get the posse out there to act as our eyes and ears in the rural areas”. If the posse observes something suspicious, they will in turn radio field deputies who will respond to investigate.

The mounted posse will stay mainly on access roads adjacent to irrigation waterways and dirt roadways between property lines. The posse will be careful not to impact agricultural operations or to cause damage themselves such as going though newly planted fields or stepping on irrigation systems. The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse can be readily identified by their hats, shirts and horse blankets which have the Sheriff’s Office identifying logos.

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Sheriff J. Paul Parker
(530) 822-7312

Brenda Baker
Public Information Officer
(530) 822-7312

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