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Sutter County Sheriff’s Office Crime Mapping Now On-Line

Friday, August 27, 2010 3:00 PM

For Immediate Release:

Sheriff J. Paul Parker announced today that citizens wanting information as to when or where crime is occurring within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction will no longer have to come into the office or call in for their requests. All crime information is now accessible on-line via the internet by going to the Sheriff’s Web site at and opening the new Crime Search link located under the “Services” menu. The mapping tool will provide the type of crime, the report number, the date reported, the name of the deputy taking the report and the location of the crime. The data base does not provide names of victims and the addresses are rounded off to avoid giving exact addresses.

Sheriff Parker believes that creating more self-reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere and can be effective in combating crime. Citizens can search and sort the data base by:

Area: You can zoom in and out on a map of Sutter County and search your block, your neighborhood, your town or the whole county. The area searched is fully customizable by the user.

Type of crime: All the major reportable crimes as well as misdemeanors are included in the data base. You can include just the type of crimes you are interested in or search them all.

Date crime reported: You can search between any dates, whether it is the last two days, last week, last month or five years ago, the “search between” date setting is fully customizable to your requests.

Another powerful feature is the charting tool. After you have retrieved the map with the crime information on it, you can then create pie charts, bar graphs and data lists, putting the information in to visual form.

Citizens can also, if they wish, sign in to be notified by e-mail if certain types of crimes are committed in certain areas. The type of crime(s) and specific areas are set by the citizen making the request.

Crime data is extracted from the department’s records system so that the information being viewed through a web browser is the most current available. This data is verified for accuracy and all address information is generalized by block to ensure crime victim privacy.

Contact Person and Telephone Number:
Brenda Baker – Communications Manager – 822-7312

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