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Sheriff’s Posse Active

Thursday, September 17, 2009 1:00 PM

For Immediate Release:

The Sutter County Sheriff’s Department Posse has been active in patrolling the levees and river bottom areas of Sutter County on horseback. The purpose is to report suspicious activity and deter crime that may occur in these areas.

On occasion, water and levee districts have experienced vandalisms to their equipment, trespassers, and damage to the levees by people who choose to drive their vehicles up and down the levees. Having the posse out in this fashion is a proactive approach that will help to curb this ongoing problem.

The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse provides mounted and ground-support in search and rescue operations for remote area searches, special area patrols where searching on foot or vehicle is impractical, or in some cases impossible. The Posse also participates in many local parades. When not on horseback, the Posse contributes time to numerous community events such as 4-H groups with a priority given to aid at-risk teens and occasionally sponsors children that are involved in the Junior Rodeo Circuit.

Membership is comprised of both male and female volunteers, and posse members utilize their own horses to assist the Sheriff’s Department. The posse is funded solely by its members and no cost to the county. A well kept arena is maintained by posse members for training and events.

For more information you may contact the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department Posse Liaison Officer Gary Odom at (530) 822-7307.

Contact Person and Telephone Number:
Captain David Samson
(530) 822-7307


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