Sutter County Sheriff's Deputies Conduct Successful Shoulder Tap Program

Tuesday, March 27, 2001 9:00 AM


Sutter County Sheriff's Deputies, assisted by Sutter County Sheriff's Cadets attempted to have patrons entering five local retail businesses, purchase them alcohol. The Shoulder Tap Program uses underage cadets to contact individuals outside retail markets and ask them to purchase alcohol in violation of state law.

The cadets talked with thirty individuals who all refused to purchase alcohol for the minors. The clerks of the stores even came out and asked the cadets to leave the premises. The Sheriff's Department considers this to have been a very successful exercise because no alcohol was purchased. The five businesses were identified as:

1. Question Market, 973 North Township Road, Yuba City.
2. AM/PM Market, 1332 Bogue Road, Yuba City.
3. Tim's Mini Mart, 1619 Lincoln Road, Yuba City.
4. Fast-N-Easy Market, 1197 Lincoln Road, Yuba City.
5. Quick Stop Market, 1285 Bogue Road, Yuba City.

Jim Denney

Bill Grove

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