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Office Location
Sutter County Sheriff
1077 Civic Center Blvd.
Yuba City, CA 95993

Business Hours
M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone Number
(530) 822-7307

  • Apply for a CCW Permit.
  • Leave a crime tip.
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Effective 6/19/2020, the following services are now being made available for "in person" contact at the Sheriff's Office:

  • All civil processes, except evictions and real property levies.
  • Report requests for the public are available via phone or at the records counter.
  • All CCW- initials requests, renewals and modifications will be online through Permitium, available on the Sheriff's Webpage.
    • CCW applicants will be contacted to schedule "in person" appointments.
    • Renewals/modifications will be processed and contacted with a time to pick up CCW.
  • Vehicle release requests will be handled at the records counter, as needed.
  • Registrants- these will be handled by "walk in" or by phone interview.
  • Live scan services are available to the public by appointment only. Services will be scheduled in one hour time slots to allow for proper cleaning procedures. Appointments to the general public are available on Tuesdays from 8-11AM and on Thursdays 1-4PM
  • In Person visiting is still suspended at the Sutter County Jail in compliance with recommendations from the Board of State and Community Corrections. The public will be updated of additional changes as information becomes available.

Statistics: Civil Unit Statistics

The California Government Code, Section 26608 states: The sheriff shall serve all process and notices in the manner prescribed by law. Based on that law the Sheriff established the Civil Unit, where two Legal Specialists perform the following duties:

  • Receives, reviews, and processes various civil papers, such as summons, subpoenas, notices, orders, citations, and civil writs of attachment, execution, restitution, possession, claim, delivery, and restraining orders.
  • Examine legal documents for accuracy.
  • Confer with attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, staff, and others regarding legal procedures and documents required.
  • Disburse civil process moneys (i.e. wage garnishment and bank levy monies received) deposited to the Sheriff's trust account.
  • Explain laws to employers, financial institutions, and others pertaining to the collection of money under court orders; explain laws to judgment debtors regarding remedies for money attached under court orders.
  • Levy attachments and executions on properties such as automobiles, boats, and other real property.
  • Prepare wage and bank garnishments.
  • Advertise and assist in Sheriff's sales.
  • Conduct Sheriff's sales.

The Sheriff also has a Civil Deputy who serves all civil papers and coordinates evictions.

2013 Civil Unit Statistics
Papers Served 3,741
Attempted Service 851
Post for Eviction 221
Eviction Lockout 318
Auto Repossession 0
Keeper/Till Taps 5
Civil Warrant Cite 30
Civil Warrant Arrest 17
Overtime Accrued (hours) 0
Miles Driven 14,293.1
Fuel (gallons) 1,463.3


Civil Unit Statistics
  2013 2012 2011 2010
Papers Served 3,741 3,669 2,984 2,696
Attempted Service 851 846 1,108 1,104
Post for Eviction 221 223 191 148
Eviction Lockout 318 286 244 212
Auto Repossession 0 0 0 1
Keeper/Till Taps 5 3 8 21
Civil Warrant Cite 30 32 3 3
Civil Warrant Arrest 17 25 4 17
Overtime Accrued (hours) 0 0 0 0
Miles Driven 14,293.1 13,454.6 16,814 18,414
Fuel (gallons) 1,463.3 1,438.3 1,494 1,461